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Security and flexibility-
Clever high-bay racking

JERGER does a lot to ensure that customers have more time for the essential tasks - with numerous services.

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Intelligent HIGH RACK

We have expanded and optimized our warehousing system by connecting a modern high-bay warehouse with a sophisticated logistics system.

This means that you can work more with framework agreements and safety stocks and offer customers precise services offer, such as short-term deliveries. Another advantage is maximum availability and flexibility, an optimal level of service, even faster delivery times and needs-based delivery.

We use the latest technological standards in all areas. All production and manufacturing systems were designed and developed in line with the market. The company's many years of experience form the basis for consistent optimization of all production facilities in order to maintain the high level of quality and process reliability over the long term.


Security and flexibility

Your needs first

From the manufacture of complex parts in a single operation, to complete systems and solutions, to the packaging you require, also in a combination of steel and plastic.

You can with us concentrate on the essentials through expert advice. We focus entirely on your needs.

Just one call away!

Our Service-team is pleased to assist you with any questions you may have.