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07. July 2020

100 years anniversary - a heartfelt thank you

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"You have to survive 100 years first!"

And because you can't do it alone, it's time to say thank you. We would like to thank our customers, our suppliers and our employees for the mutual success over such a long period of time.

You can rely on Jerger for 100 years now. Therefore, the year 2020 is very special for us and our employees in many ways. We look back and forward in equal measure. We look back on so many mastered challenges, exceptional personal commitment and technically outstanding achievements that it is time to pause and appreciate these 100 years.

100 years is all well and good, but we wouldn't be Jerger if we didn't have big plans for the future.

Our aim is to always implement the wishes of our customers with the most modern technical means and with the highest quality. Through a high degree of flexibility combined with maximum reliability and mutual trust, we have created a network of long-standing customers and suppliers. With our long history, we stand for continuity in fast-moving times, even in turbulent times.

Good cause instead of a big party!

EIn dealing responsibly with the current pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to celebrate a large anniversary party. Instead, we decided to donate to various charities. We will inform you here about the concrete projects.

We look forward to the next 100 years with you!