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08. Dezember 2023

Christmas Party 2023

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Ralph Jerger (CEO), Jürgen Eigeldinger (10 Years), Alexander Ettwein (20 Years), Francesco Manmana (30 Years), Heiko Jerger (CEO)

Festive Year-End Celebration at Jerger Company – Christmas Party at Hotel Hirt

On December 8, 2023, the staff of Jerger Company gathered for a festive year-end celebration at the picturesque Hotel Hirt in Deisslingen. The event commenced with an informative company meeting, where not only a brief retrospective of the past year was presented but also an optimistic outlook on the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

During the company meeting, important figures, data, and facts were presented and explained to the employees. This served not only to enhance transparency but also allowed the staff to gain a better understanding of the company's development. Open communication strengthens trust and camaraderie within the workforce. After the informative part of the evening, the focus shifted to the bowling alley at Hotel Hirt. Here, employees could showcase their skills and engage in casual conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. The shared activity promoted team spirit and contributed to an easygoing mood.

With the sporting interlude behind them, employees moved on to the cozy part of the evening. A festive dinner marked the culinary highlight, followed by the recognition of employees celebrating work anniversaries. Long-serving staff members were honored for their loyalty and dedication to Jerger Company. This appreciation was reflected not only in words but also in individual recognitions and presents.

The peak of the awards added a particularly festive touch to the evening. Jubilant employees received not only heartfelt words of thanks but also symbolic accolades, emphasizing their longstanding commitment to the company. This not only created a positive atmosphere but also strengthened the sense of belonging and motivation within the workforce.

After the ceremonial moments, the evening concluded with shared and cozy moments. Employees exchanged thoughts, made new connections, and relished the festive ambiance. Jerger Company's Christmas party at Hotel Hirt in Deisslingen was not only a social highlight but also a significant contribution to the strengthening of team spirit and corporate culture.